Faster image placement in grasshopper, mesh or picture frame?

Is there a better way to place a referenced bitmap in a rhino view port from grasshopper than the import image component?

I could not find any reference to a grasshopper picture frame placement method other then this, however what is needed is a method to work with a list of rectangles and a list of image paths. Sub sampling the images makes the image component a plausible option however with many such images created at the same time it is still very slow. Is there a better method than this?

What is need is a method would allow the fast mapping of many images to as many rectangle3d objects in any orientation and setting their transparency value. The rectangles will update position and orientation (keeping the same width and height) so the time it takes to remap to new orientation should be as small as possible.

Placing a picture frame and setting its transparency (found out you can add " (10)" behind a color to set the transparency within grasshopper rather then creating a material). This seems to take less time. So I tried a version clement suggests in this thread. I am still missing method for replacing the picture frame on update. (14.6 KB) ?

Do you actually need them placed in Rhino? Custom Preview Materials from Human will let you display images in the Rhino viewport from within grasshopper. It will still be slow with large numbers of high-resolution images, but it can be quite responsive.


Worked like a charm. Thanks for pointing it out.


Hello Kane,
Did you figure out how to see the image through custom preview? And if you did, could you share the script? It would be perfect to me

Hi Marcelo,

If you simply want to quickly load .png images from GH to Rhino, check out AutoEntourage. Hope this helps.