How to keep pop-up toolbar single column?

I have a linked pop-up toolbar which I just noticed that I had an “inherit” appearance option toggled on for all its buttons, but this particular one I probably will never do custom icons for, so I switched it all to “text only” now.

Only, after doing that, the pop-up version of it is no longer single column, which makes it difficult to read:

How do I fix this?

Also, turns out I’ve been here before:smile:

Is this V7 or V8? On the Windows side, the V7 handling of these text-only vertical lists is very bad - I have made multiple posts on the subject and it’s not going to be fixed. I haven’t even tried in V8.

Oh, no… I just tried it in V8 and it’s much worse there! :see_no_evil:

EDIT: Ok, so it’s actually only a cavalcade of glitches while editing it… once you’re done, close and re-open the menu, it does seem to keep single column…

EDIT: Spoke to soon on that too!