Custom toolbar no longer single column in latest WIP

Here’s a popup toolbar I set up in Rhino 6:


And here’s the same toolbar in the latest WIP:

It did not look like this a few weeks ago, so either I’ve inadvertendly changed something, or something changed (for the worse) in a recent WIP update.

Can someone enlighten me to what’s going on? The single column was easy to read, this is very cluttered and confusing.

You should be able to resize it.
V6 and V7 do not share the same files that keep track of where you put them and how they are arranged.

Thanks, that did it.

Although, I’ve noticed that it’s not 100% a 1:1 relation… this is the same in V6 too:


I think that has to do with the changes to fonts required in V6 for Mac compatibility. That’s what I vaguely remember.