How to keep my own toolbar, yet see V7 WIP's toolbar updates?

Hi RMA team,

I have a toolbars problem what I don’t know how to solve.

I have moved from a completely custom toolbar layout to a ‘default-modified’ so I can also work in default mode (useful when I’m showing something to a team member, training sessions or client)

So I saved the default .RUI file as my own:

and I added my tid-bits…

but when I click on the ‘standard tab’ I’m back to a more default-ish Rhino. Like this:


A. AFAIK I can only maintain a modified .RUI as a separate .RUI so that Rhino build updates do not reser it to the plain vanilla default. Correct?

B. By having my own .RUI instead of the default .RUI I do not get to see your updates in the default workspace (like a new SubD tab for example).

I kow I can keep several .RUIs open, but I cannot have a group with tabs that are a combination of my toolbars (custom) and your toolbars (default), which is exactly what I want to do.

Can you guys think of a good workaround for this?



The only one that is automatically replaced is default.rui:


The link was for V4. @KelvinC comments appear to be different re: replacing the default .rui. I’m confused? V7?

My message was specifically for V7.
V6 and V7 use RUI (Rhino User Interface) files.

V4 has not been under development for many years so there are no WIP builds.

Hi John, yes I understood that. This is why I list it as my fundamental problem.

Do you have any suggestions to achieve what I need?

  • have a semi-custom workspace AND get your updates on new toolbars

Thank you John. I am trying to accomplish the exact same thing that @gustojunk Gustavo is asking about (V7)

Sorry, I guess I don’t understand.
Default.RUI gets replaced in WIP releases.
That’s it, end of story.

Any customizations you have in that file will be lost.
Any customizations you have saved in files with different names will not be touched.

If you’re looking for some automagic way to incorporate your tweaks with changes that happen in default.rui, that isn’t possible,


Just like when you told me a few months ago that I should expect McNeel Plugins NOT to work with WIP releases, and I told you that I find that completely unacceptable…

I must say the same thing here: Wanting us to be involved in WIP development (like I am, and like @brianj just asked me yesterday regarding SubD work feedback), and not letting me used a customized workspace along the way is also totally unacceptable too.

I’m not sure how you guys come up with these decisions, or if you are just speaking out loud without thinking about the impact and implications that these decisions have to your customers and to get valuable feedback in your own development.

I hope you guys really re-think this.


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I’m just describing how it works now.
Nothing more.

Makes sense John, I understand, you are confirming what I was trying to check first.

So let me get into the more part now:

I need a way to use some custom tools bars from my .RUI file places as tabs inside a toolbar group of Default.rui. If I understand correctly the toolbars are all XLM files, so there should be a way to save an override of what liked toolbars from custom.rui are linked to a default.rui. And when Rhino updates the default.rui its keeps track of which liked custom toolbars where added on and bring them back to the new/updated default.


Hi Gustavo, Try this…
make your custom toolbar and close all other toolbar groups including the sidebar. Then in Options > Toolbars > Use the File menu to Save this layout with just your toolbar group as a new rui somewhere. When you run ToolbarReset or update the WIP, go back to the Toolbar Options and use the File menu > Open to load your saved rui. Select it’s name and enable the toolbar group in it.

Does that help?

The thing is, if this does help, is that updates to the toolbars like subd as icons are added won’t I think get the updates seen from ToolbarReset.

I thought anything new was contained in the “New in V7” tab. Couldn’t you just copy that tab onto your custom toolbar?


That’s what I did, but it’s under the assumption that that tab has all the new commands.


Yes, that New in v7 toolbar should update with releases as I understand it but if you put it into a new rui file I don’t believe it will.

@JohnM Can you confirm how new icons will show up in the default.rui? Do you have to run ToolbarReset after an update to see newly added icons in say the Subd toolbar? I find I have to with daily builds in testing. Is the New in v7 toolbar special in any way showing newly added icons in releases without the need to reset toolbars? Thanks.

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Unlink Sidebar in the Standard tab?

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@BrianJ, Run ToolbarReset to see new v7 buttons is what I’ve been doing to document new buttons.
I added this wish.


Hi @KelvinC, I actually want to have the standard tab liked to the standard main sidebar, and also have my G-standard tab linked to my G-sidebar.

I’ve explore a bit more using @BrianJ’s suggestion of making a separate .rui with just my toolbars and then resetting then default.rui.

My results are not promising. I don;t even know what’s going to happen now every time Rhino WIP gets updated.

I made a video of the problem of trying to live in a mixed workspace of default.RUI (toolbars that you guys at McNeel update) plus mycustomworkspace.RUI (toolbars that I update).

Please take a look…
Dropbox Link:

OneDrive link:!AhZElchb8X8lgYhPnjB0g2lR8CbbFQ?e=hfb7aY

Also is worth nothing that I had no idea that a “New in V7” toolbar even existed until @DanBayn pointed it out. Why? because I had a custom worspace. So basically any user that has custom workplaces are not seeing your new tools? This doesn’t make a lot of sense IMO.


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I can’t watch your video. It does not play.

Hi @KelvinC,

That’s very strange, I also cannot see the video on teh post, but if I right-click on it and cope the video address I can then paste it on a new tab and see it. It seems it’s something broken with Discourse here.

I also added a OneDrive video link below it, in case Dropbox doesn’t work.



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I’m pretty sure the WIP installers delete/replace the default.rui file, the reason being the deafult.rui file is in flux during the WIP process and needs to get updated with new releases. Dragging a tab from a default.rui container into a custom RUI container essentially makes a copy of the tab and any linked (buttons that fly out) tabs in the other RUI file. Making changes in the original container do not affect the copied tabs.

Hi @JohnM, let me see if I understand the implication of this…

  1. I copy some of my toolbars to the default.RUI.
  2. Those toolbars are now a disassociated copy of my tools, so I should treat them as read-only, and make any changes in my own mycustomworkspace.RUI

but what I don’t understand is:
When you guys ar McNeel update the default.RUI what will happen:
A. my copied toolbars into the default.rui will disappear when you at McNeel update in new WIPs?
B. my copied toolbars into the default.rui will stay intact, and love along the updated toolbars you at McNeel update in new WIPs?