How to join two surfaces


I’m new to Rhino, and I’m facing a problem with joining two surfaces. One surface is made with the surface “Loft” feature, whereas the other is made with “Surface from network of curves”. The two are created with the same curve at the interface.

When I try to join the two, I get an error stating:
“Edges are too far apart to merge”

I’ve attached my project, if any of you want to give it a try. The project has three surfaces, where only the “curved” surface is made with “Surface from network of curves”. The plan is to join all three, but I can’t even join any two of them.

Surfaces.3dm (117.4 KB)

Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

Best regards Anders

Use “BlendSrf” instead of “Surface from network” and it joined

sorry a better way would be to use “NetworkSrf” with the option “NoAutoSort” in command window

Thanks for the quick reply.

I tried your suggestions, but I couldn’t make it work. However, I then tried to decrease the “Edge curves” and “Interior curves” tolerances to 0.001, which created a finer mesh at the bend, but it allowed me to join all surfaces. :slight_smile:

These are all joined:

You have double lines at some spots, and not enough on the other parts. I extracted under Curves/Wireframe a Wireframe, deleted the double lines and added what was needed, some straight curves. I then made the surfaces by running two rails. This took around 8 minutes, and the parts unroll, except for the curved part, because of the compound curves. All the surfaces joined. The way you corrected it left in double curves that are not needed and will cause problems when you add the trailing edges. It needs to be “cleaned up”. I have uploaded what you made so you can see what I did. SurfacesRepaired.3dm (283.6 KB)

that is the tolerance I usually use for Jewelry work, and I guess that’s why it worked for me

(I had forgotten my password, and posted as “John the Modeler”, but have found it, and normally go by Zathros)

If you did it the way I showed, tolerances would not be an issue. The parts would fit, and you could scale it to whatever size you wished. I only post what I have done, by experience, never by intellectualizing, just for the record. I have designed wings for a few friends who have made real aircraft, they were able to make the formers and internal supports from the drawings I supplied them. Having been a machinist, and mold maker, Tool and Dye, I have worked in +/-.0002" tenths of a thousands of an inch tolerances upon occasion. The machinery is what can handle it, and this is in temperature controlled environments, as with such close tolerances, the parts change size when they leave the room. Good Luck. I find Jewelry design fascinating, it’s beyond my skill set.

If you have extra lines that aren’t needed, I find this messes up Rhino… You model had a few of these. It’s important to clean up these lines, as they will catch up with you. :slight_smile:

Ji Zathros / John :wink:

Thanks for your replies. I tried downloading your solution, but it gives me an error:

When continuing I get this:

But anyhow - are you making all three surfaces by running rails?

And another thing - Is the curved corner constrained to the guide curves, which I provided in the original file?

But it sure does look more elegant when using your method, and more important is that it is independent of the tolerances. That’s one of the main reasons to use splines imo :wink:

Regards Anders

What are you opening it with? I’m using Rhino 5.0 64 bit. The geometry problems are in your model, you could just continue opening it, and it will open, it’s just telling you there are errors. If you delete everything except what I redid, then there are no errors, see attached file. I have Raytracing with Neon installed, but it is not activated. The attached file is your design without your model. I used curve network at the Bend, assembling it by Duplicating Edges then deleting some of the stuff you had there. Right click and use Render to get the shape. The “Wireform” are the only lines I needed to make the model. I had to add some straight curves that were missing the cur was done building it in Curveform pieces that all “Joined”. As you know, there are many ways to make the same thing in Rhino, I am not saying my way is the “right” way., but you had too many lines, and some were doubled up. If you look at the “Wireframe” model, you can see the simplicity of this. As I stated, I design a lot of Paper models, and help other designers with their projects. As I am the Administrator of my forum, I do not have time to do much design, but help others with their design. Everything is FREE on my forum, or it is not allowed, that includes assistance. It is a very peaceful and sharing forum.

A Paper model I designed called “Eska” below. :slight_smile:

SurfacesRemodeled.3dm (176.4 KB)

Hi zathros

I’m using Rhino 5.0 64bit as well. Hmm wierd - but I’m able to open the file you attached in the last post. I was able to understand what you had done, but I think I’ll stick to “Surface from network of curves” with a low tolerance - this works just fine for my purposes. :slight_smile: But thanks for the inputs! :smiley:

And your paper model sure looks nice. :slight_smile:

Regards Anders

For the front part of the corner of the wing, I used “Surface from network of curves”, then for the back side of the corner, I just ran two rails… These parts upscale into dimensions when you choose the length of once part, if grouped, all parts will increase by the same amount, and you will then have a part with dimensions. I make parts for friends of mine who race cars and do it in this manner. once I figure out the bolt hole patter, I scale that up, and everything else follows. Just two different ways to get the things done. You’re welcome to check out my forum, everything is FREE there, just need to be a member for 30 days, make an Introductory post, and post 10 meaningful comments, then the 1000’s of models I have in my database become available to you, all for free! Zealot :wink:

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