How to join edges visual gaps of surfaces

I have to spend time with this, I’m relatively new to GH myself. Plus in my field there aren’t very many weird forms like these :smiley:

This could be solved with data trees manipulation, lists, domains and all that I still can’t understand.

thank you for suggestion… but i want hexagonal grid pattern which idk how to do it

can anyone pleasee create a grid pattern(preferred hexgagonal) on the form(rhino file i have attached) make grasshopper script and send it to me God bless

form.3dm (1.1 MB)

Use a mesh, then use Ngons.

hey please attach a basic rhino script of any form with hex grid mesh from ngon i m new in gh so unable to do it…really need your help… form 3d i have attached
form.3dm (1.1 MB)

btw best answer so far really helpful suggestion but i cant do it myself

Just look at the example files.

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yes i’ve tried that but i have so many missing plugins so its not working for me… ty its a good answer
idk man

michael pryor what to do now?

It says “Add library files to: …\AppData\Roaming\Grasshopper\Libraries and unblock them.” and this is for Rhino 6. You just need this plug in so I don’t know how you have so many missing.

yes i have added the ngon dll files and unlbocked them before…

You are using Rhino 5, it requires Rhino 6. Update to Rhino 6

but i am working with tspline which doesn’t work in r6 lol
ill try and come back to you again


It seems not clear to me if you want hexagon, nets, quad … here a solution with some ngons

You need Weavebird, MeshMachine Static and Mesh Dual Thats all folks.

Seek for MeshDual.gha in this page

And use MeshMachine to triangulate

honey not (305.2 KB)


@laurent_delrieu oh yess!! thats exactly what i wanted…thank you so much
God bless!

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this is cool…though how do i extract the hexagonal shape geometry? i want the structure please help again… i tried baking but its getting complex

I don’t understand. Baking is the way to do. You want mesh polyline … Give a sketch of what you want.

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photo is after baked…
is it possible to have only hexagonal grid on the surface so that later i can use the grid structure for later use

something like this

hex instead of circle

Mesh edges will give you the curves you need.