How to? Isometric views according to cplane not world

is it possible? I can only set axonometric views in reference to world coordinates not local (cplane)

I’m struggling to get my head around how this should look… But try this: Draw a plane in your Cplane, then select one of the isometric views for the viewport, then set the camera using orient to plane. Does that give you the view of your model that you expect?

You can just set the camera and target coordinates. Type _-ViewportProperties in the command line, set the camera at 10,10,10 and the target at 0,0,0. It will use the CPlane coordinates rather than the World. It’s parallel projection (isometric) by default I think.
Using a plane should also work as Jeremy suggests.

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i think that works

but since there are lot of icons for different vies such as cars for global and airplanes for cplanes, isometric views are only for global. logically there should be equivalent for cplane.