How to install ArchiCAD GH Live Connection for Rhino 7 WIP Beta on Mac?

Hi guys, this time it is a little bit more urgent.
The problem is that I can not use Rhino 6 on my Mac because Rhino 6 is very slow and not optimized for Mac (Catalina 10.15.7 (19H2)). This is why I switched to the very lovely fast and optimized version of Rhino 7 WIP Beta, what is for me the only way to use Grasshopper. This was already discussed here:

The occurring problem is, that I am very often using ArchiCAD 24 and the ArchiCAD Grasshopper LiveConnection together. Unfortunately the installer program does not recognize my Rhino 7 WIP Beta version, even if Rhino 6 is not installed. I hope very much that someone has an idea on how to make ArchiCAD Grasshopper Live Connection useable for Rhino 7 WIP Beta.

Link to the mentioned PlugIn:

Before there is starting a never ending finger pointing between graphisoft and mcneel:
I think there are three possible solutions:

  1. McNeel is publishing a Mac Version for Rhino 6 that is faster and useable, especially for Grasshopper
  2. Graphisoft is publishing a Mac Version for Rhino 7 WIP Beta (Doubt it)
  3. I have to work with Rhino 6 and have massive performance issues, but am able to use both software

Have you tried the latest Rhino 6.30 yet? All of the improvements made to Grasshopper’s graphical performance in v7 are also in 6.30. If the performance issue has to do with solving the GH definition then that is a different story…

If you have a definition that you can share (or email) that exhibits super slow behaviour in v6.30 vs. v7, that would help us narrow it down.

Hope this helps!

I have the latest 6.3 Release Candidate Version installed of Rhino 6.
When I open the exact same definition inside 7 and 6 there are huge differences, as already mentioned. There is no way to work with this Rhino6 Version on Mac. Even if Canvas is cleared there are the same performance issues occurring.

I do not think that it makes sense to send you my definition, because the problem is even there when canvas is empty on both software generations

Hey @STUDENT_F, thanks for the follow up.

Just to confirm, are you using 6.30 or 6.3? 6.3 is very old.

Also, one thing that would help troubleshoot the performance issues you’re running into is removing all Grasshopper plugins (e.g. ArchiCAD, etc) to see if that improves performance. It could be one of those plugins that are causing such a massive slowdown on your system. If this is the case, using the plugins in v7 would cause the same issues.

There is literally no difference between v6.30 and v7 when it comes to Grasshopper’s code and the infrastructure it runs on, other than a few extra SubD components and features in v7.

Hello back @curtisw, thanks again for all of your help. First of all you are right that I have installed version 6.30. I started following your instructions by removing all components of Rhino 6.30. Rhino was very fast like Rhino 7 and there was not any performance issue ongoing. From there I reinstalled all components without the ArchiCAD GH Liveconnection and there was still everything fine. But when installing the LiveConnection again, all of the performance problems came back.

The result for me is that I can use Rhino 6.3 instead of Rhino 7 because Grasshopper has no performance differences in my case. The problem is occurring because of the ArchiCAD LiveConnection Components.
I do not know how to continue without having my ArchiCAD LiveConnection inside GH. I think I have to go the hard way of contacting Graphisoft with the hope for improvement of the software within the next time :sleepy: . Unfortunately I do not think that they will hear my problem. Thanks again for all of your help and support :heart:


That’s great, I’m glad you are able to get things speedy again in v6. Yes I think this will require Graphisoft to fix the problem, however at least we have narrowed down the issue and perhaps move forward to a resolution.

Thanks again for taking the time to troubleshoot this.


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Very interesting. Is it enough to just have the LiveConnection components installed; or do you need to have one on the canvas to cause a slowdown?

Hi @dan, thanks for joining the conversation. It is enough to just have the LiveConnection components installed, canvas was empty.

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Thanks for confirming that. We’ll do our best to reproduce this issue and see what we can figure out. It might take a bit of time.


I started my request to ArchiCAD (Graphisoft) yesterday. Hope very much that one one you can help in the next time, I will let you know when I receive a reply from ArchiCAD. Thanks again for all your help :slight_smile:

ArchiCAD asked for system information. They are trying to reproduce the error. Meanwhile did you find anything out? I recently have to continue with my work :sleepy:


I installed their components and it appears they have a timer running in the background that consumes approximately 50% CPU even when there are no ArchiCAD components on the canvas. It went away after connecting it to ArchiCAD (after some time), but otherwise it kept using quite a bit of CPU, which would explain why Grasshopper is slow when the ArchiCAD Live Connection components are installed.

Unfortunately, there doesn’t appear to be anything we can do to fix this on our end.

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Wow, what a parasite…
I must say i havent experience such a performance issue, in particular when no archicad component was in the canvas. Didnt try the last version though…

Hello @curtisw, thank you so much for all the extra time you spend on finding the error. I will hand this over to the guys from Graphisoft and hope for a very quick improvement. Thank you so much for this really good support around McNeel Products! All the best :slight_smile:

I will come back when Graphisoft released an updated version.

ArchiCAD gave me a debugging plugin that created a log.txt file from Rhino and GH. I have sent the file back to them. They already told me that they are in contact with guys from McNeel @curtisw

ArchiCAD will release a repaired plugin in the upcoming days. Thank you all for your support! All the best :slight_smile: