Can you really work with GH for Mac?


(pones) #1

Hello all,
I’ve started to work with Grasshopper for Mac and installed the Grasshopper-Archicad connection.
The problem is that it’s really slow and it freezes all the time, every 30 min in average.
I make some tests with about 1500 rectangular and straight columns, nothing too heavy.
I have a late-2015 Macbook Pro, Intel i7 with 16GB RAM.
Do you have experienced these problems also ? Do you know when a new version of Rhino will go out ?


(Tim Stark) #2

Sounds more like the problem is your archicad connection not gh itself?

(pones) #3

Thank you for answering.
I don’t know exactly, what’s sure is that GH bugs even when it’s not connected to Archicad. That’s why I needed some advices. For now I can handle these several bugs but I don’t know if it worths to go into production mode, or it will be better to install a Windows partition and work in it.

(Tim Stark) #4

Me neither. You didn‘t provided much information about it.
But personally I would recommend you getting a windows partion on your laptop.
Tried the Mac version in the beta, didn‘t liked it but to be true never tested it again.