How to inflate this wavy pattern? (pneumatic systems design)

Please tell me how can I create a pneumatic structure in the form of a “cocoon” of cells of this form?
(I’m a green very curious beginner in learning Grasshopper : ) working on a project at the University).

Wavy Pattern - копия.3dm (132.4 KB) Wavy Pattern - копия.gh (13.3 KB)

It is important to create such definition which would allow to regulate, change the sizes, proportions of cells by means of the attractor (10.2 KB)
(It’s one of my attempts. The problem is that these forms are hard to change, big limitations in transformation. Source:

I used the box morph component to populate a NURBS surface with a geometric component.
BUT the individual rows turned out, the docking places are unnatural for inflatable structures and I do not know how to influence the size of the cells (Bounding Box) with the help of an attractor((

Box Morph - копия.3dm (1.5 MB) Box Morph - копия.gh (12.9 KB)

I began to study the possibilities of Кangaroo, now I don’t understand (with what components? ) how to make these curves more dynamic, resizable? how to connect the curves with a surface, convert to a mesh, triangulate and inflate to a certain pressure

I am ready to quickly try, adjust, experiment! And will be very grateful for any help! : )