How to increase the wall thickness of this shelled object?



I am making a series of phone objects and it has become apparent through use that this particular receiver needs a thicker shell to make for a stronger 3D print. Ideally I would still have the solid, pre-shelled version of this, but alas I do not. What is a recommended approach here? I thought about ‘casting’ it using some boolean operations and re shelling it, but would rather not have to rebuild internal geometry. Perhaps that is the price I pay for lack of planning and version control.


(Pascal Golay) #2

Hi Revel - Shell or OffsetSrf > Solid=Yes should help.


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Hi Revel - Shell or OffsetSrf > Solid=Yes should help.



Thank you, I will look at that now. realize I forgot to post the model, here it is (9.7 MB)


@pascal would you mind elucidating a bit further how precisely these commands will help me thicken the shell of the above model?



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Ah, I see, it is already shelled, you just want to make it a thicker wall, correct? That is definitely less straightforward - see if the attached thing is anything like what you need - I thickened the overall ‘main’ walls but offsetting the inner surface a mm or so and extending/ retrimming all the details to suit. Basically blow it into surfaces and deal with it at that level then reassemble the bits. No magic…

ThickenedThing.3dm (764.6 KB)



Ah yes, ok, thats what I was afraid of! i suppose its a bit silly to think there was a magic button for doing such things. Thank you anyway! -rev