Add thickness

I am trying to 3D print a part. This is made out of surface. I just want to add a thickness to it inside direction (thickness= 1mm). when I add a thickness it does not extrude edges uniformly. Can someone help me.Chine.3dm (1.7 MB)

Hi -
Please don’t post the same question in several old threads.
The object in that file is a bad object. Explode it and run SelBadObjects again to find the surface that is bad. You also have gaps between surfaces that you will need to solve. Run RebuildEdges to put the edges back where they are supposed to be. You will then see the gaps.

Apart from that, it’s not clear from the description which surfaces need to be 1 mm but perhaps, after you have fixed the model, you can completely close it and then run Shell - but I guess that depends on what needs to be 1 mm…


Hi Wim,
I try to do what you said. Unfortunately, the shell command does not work. It says ‘solid cannot creat’. Please give me a solution. Chine.3dm (1.9 MB)

Thanks Mano