How to import bmp file as background in Rhino?


this is the first time i use Rhino and i’m not able to import bmp or any image file as background in my Rhino NURBS modelling for windows
Rhino version: 3.0 SR5

Any help would be appreciated.

Hi @flat.beat.oiseau
Use the Picture command to insert bitmaps.
HTH, Jakob

thanks for helping me with picture frame.
i tried picture frame comman but it shows a blank rectangle divided in 4 parts and no image.

My option for OpenGL is

Im using a laptop, all mt drivers are up to date even the graphic one.
what is see is this:

Hi @flat.beat.oiseau

Try running the SystemInfo in Rhino and copy/paste the results here. Also: What happens if you switch the viewport to shaded or rendered mode?

It works now:
i went to View/Background/Bitmap/Place.
I can see the image.
Thank you for your help.