How to get the [u],[v] value for mesh from points

Dear all,

I’m trying to clip out part of a terrain mesh for detailed analysis. I Decontruste the mesh at first and made out the points within a specific region. BUT when I try to reconstruct the mesh based on the points, I found the points list doesn’t have the sub-list so I don’t know how to get the number of points in a row and a column. Thus, at this stage, I can just input the {u}, {V} vulues for ‘mesh from points’ by manual counting.

I attached my script, please help me check and give me some help. Many thanks. (392.6 KB)

Hi Jillijia

your curve is missing in the file, so I can’t try.

…but the “sort points” element should do the trick. It sorts points by x, then y, then z direction.

hope this helps


Sorry, my mistake.

I re-attached the script. And I tried sort Points, all the points still stay in one group. (389.4 KB)

no problem. (395.9 KB)

does this help? I think projecting points and delaunay mesh are your friends. so you don’t bother with getting them in the good sorting order, as it is included in delaunay’s alghorithm.

I got it! truly helpful! Many thanks! :grinning:

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