Change index order based on point coordinates

Hi everyone,
I need a hint to solve a problem, which bothers me quite often while working on geometry. Id like to rename the indexes of items (i,e, Points) based on a "sort Points" Component. For instance points on Mesh edges have a certain order, which is random. Id like to give them a new index Order based on their Position in space (the z-coordinate).

The idea is to orient the average planes on mesh egdes to match
the z vector of the point on curve from the Face lines. They have a different history and therfore a different index order. I try to match them using sort Points. Don`t know if the problem is clear?

Help is desperatly needed and much appriciated!
Best, Kat

I don´t know if I understand you right, but all you need to do to sort point and their indexes is deconstruct the points, use sort list, plug the Z value in K, the points in A and their indexes in B.

Then again, not sure if this is what you need…