Mesh from Points


(Coker-0ne) #1

Hello guys!

I have a mesh of a terrain anaglyph in which I want to delete some points and recreate it but I don’t know why mesh from points command gives me insufficient points error. I would be appreciated if you could have a look at this…

mesh from (9.3 MB)

Thank you

(Michael Pryor) #2

Mesh from points works on point lists set up like a nurbs surface. So you have to know the U and V count and your points should resemble some kind of grid structure.

(Coker-0ne) #3

Thank you Michael ! I didn’t know that. So my next best option is patch?

(Daniel Piker) #4

You could also try Delaunay Mesh. You might also want to do this in patches and join them at the end, as I notice that it’s a pretty big file.

(Coker-0ne) #5

Thank you Daniel! Unfortunately, yes it is big enough.

(Daniel Piker) #6

Like this:

(Coker-0ne) #7

You are amazing…thank you…Is there any way to cull all these intersecting planes ?