How to get the "Type" name of an object


How can I access the “Type” name of an object in C# ?

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I have tried some experimentations like the one below but it doesn’t work.

You’re gonna want to look at the RhinoObject.ObjectType.

Thank you.

I use this already elsewhere to build object classifications (see below).
It doesn’t give the multilingual text as we see it in the Object General tab.
Of course i can generate myself the texts in all languages, but if the data already exists i prefer use it :slightly_smiling_face:

Hi @gehairing,

Currently, there is no VisualARQ API method to get the localized type name. I’ll add an entry to our wishlist, and we’ll let you know when we implement this.

You can check if an object is a wall using the method VisualARQ.Script.IsWall, but looking at your code, I think you already have implemented this.



Thanks Enric.

You’re right, I already use the IsWall (and other) methods to define the classification.
For now i’ll make my own texts in a few languages for each.