How to get an object name in VS2013 by C#!

Hi everyone!
I want get an object name using C# in VS2013. Here is the code.

var rc = RhinoGet.GetMultipleObjects(“Select freams to be Write”, false, ObjectType.Curve, out obj_refs);
if (rc != Result.Success)
return rc;
int i = 1;
foreach (var o_ref in obj_refs)
var curve = o_ref.Curve();
var curveuuid = o_ref.ObjectId;
//(It’s all right above .I get the UUID of the curve,I don’t know how to do next )
Need your help,. I am wating online!
string curvename = " I want get the name of the curve"

The name (and many other attributes) are stored on the Attributes of the RhinoObject:

foreach(var o_ref in obj_refs)
    RhinoObject obj = o_ref.Object();
    string curvename = obj.Attributes.Name;
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Thank you! get it!