How to get region intersection on every branch

I’m dissecting a mesh at variable heights. At any slice there will always be an inside and outside contour. I’m trying to create an offset by 1mm outward till I meet the outside curve boundary.

I’m currently offsetting the inside curve by enough that I know it offsets past the outside curve.

I figured I could “trim by regions” (inside and outside curves) and keep the internal offsets curves?

The trim by boundaries seems to work to an extent. it does trim the offsets down, but not to the boundary.

I’m not sure if this the best way of filling the contours with offset curves.


disectbyheight.3dm (2.1 MB) (165.4 KB)

This issue seems to only happen on offset curves. Below is trimming by the outside region, but it still bleeds past.

If I make a new instance of a curve independent of a the curve I’m trying to offset it seems to work.
Here is a screen shot of a spiral being trimmed.

I have gotten the results I want, but now I can’t seem to get the whole model. Just one branch.

I feel i’m missing something very simple?

Are you looking for something like this? (157.3 KB)

Maybe you want something more like Tween Curve rather than offsetting.

Adam, thanks for the reply.

I tried your .gh and the offset had an error. I also didn’t see a tween block in there either?

I tried a tween in the very beginning and couldnt figure out how to fix my tween curve. It looks like it was tweening between the heights not inner and outer curves.

I was able to fix this problem by following the thread here.