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Hello! I was wondering if there is a method to trim two curves without using “trim with brep”, because then I need to incorporate other components and the surface tends to make the file slower. The result that I was looking for is in the image attached (the blue lines are the trimmed ones and the red the ones to keep)

.20190920_Q& (28.6 KB)
Thank you !


here is small taylormade script, which will only work for this particular situation…
20190920_Q& (32.2 KB)

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Thank you very much for your time, that works perfectly!
I had only one more doubt with another problem that is similar because I´ve solved it with a surface too, but then again, it slows the file that I´m working on. I am trying to offset in equal lenghts vertical curves in a rectangle, however two of them (at the center) are equal, and the ones at the extremes are not (like the first image attached). I managed to distribute the difference on four of them by using a surface (like the second image attached), but was wondering if there was another way to do so, without using a surface. Thank you again, and I am sorry for posting

20190921_Q& (15.5 KB)

Try with Intersect >> Physical >> Surface|Curve

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For this one:

20190920_Q& (35.9 KB)

and for this one:

20190921_Q& (19.4 KB)


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Thank you for your answer, however in defenition number 2, the offsets in red (see the image attached) are not the same lenght as the blue ones.

And in the first definition I understand that there is still the component trim with brep that is used, which comes from a previous surface that I would like to delete.

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sorry - they are, but you have to turn on this one:

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Thank you very much for your time, that works perflecty for that amount of branches. However, if you try with different amount of branches (like on the file attached) the region union fails… I cant figure out why it doesnt work… I hope there is a solution.
Thank you!
20191008-Q& (12.7 KB)

region union cannot work if regions aren’t planar:

also no need to duplicate the thread:

make sure shapes are planar, or at least project:

however, keep in mind, with this geometry you can simply get a cross section of the bounding boxes with the plane, without region union, resulting in the same rectangles:

hope it helps

check the attachment (10.9 KB)

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