How to get materials to copy over from one user to the next in Flamingo

We use Dropbox at our company. Sometimes one person will jump in and help with a render on someone else’s file. For example today I opened a file but none of the materials that the 1st user of the file were available for me to use. I could see there were there in the layers panel but I couldn’t actually apply them. Is this because we are using a trial version? If not how can I apply the materials that were already used in the file so I don’t have to start over?

It really depends on the version?
Rhino 5 or 6?
Flamingo 5.?

Normally in the newer Flamingos the Materials are inside the model. But, what is nomrally missing are the textures. These textures should be present in the Folder with the Model Then Flamingo will find them.