Matrerial librairies in flamingo

Help! I’ve moved myself to a new computer. After having moved my “user.mlib” library file to the correct folder on the new computer Rhino can see my materials, but the location of the bitmap files has changed. Is there a way to tell flamingo to look at the new folder location? Or am I going to have to redefine all hundred-some-odd materials in my library?


Try adding the directory for the bitmaps here…

That worked, Brian - thanks a million!

will this work for keeping materials in a Cloud Storage folder, like Dropbox. I would like to be able to update and access materials from different computers, like work & home. Instead of creating a material, going down the rabbit hole to En-US\materials to get material, then save to cloud and when on other computer, drag material back to en-us\materials on that computer.


I haven’t tried that but imagine it should work as long as you’re logged into the cloud server and it has a network location and drive letter. I would try it with Rhino Render and some basic materials first as a test. I can in a bit as well when I have a moment.

Just starting WinRhino to see. Just adding a test material to Dropbox folder to see, thanks @BrianJ.