Easy way to import custom Flamingo nXt materials between files?

I’ve created a few textures that I really like in Flamingo nXt. Unfortunately, they don’t appear to carry over when I start a new project. I’m pretty certain that I am missing something. Any help would be appreciated.

correction: *materials (not textures)

You can try to open a file with the materials and then delete all objects and save a file as a template. That should hold the materials, and then you can try to start a new file with that template and see if it works.

If not then Copy-Paste an object from one file to another, or importing a file into the current file should also add the materials to the current file. Then you can delete the objects you just pasted or imported.

Good luck.

Many thanks, Holo. I also read that materials are stored here:
C:\ProgramData\McNeel\Flamingo nXt\English\Materials

So I went in and added a Custom folder. Then I opened the model with the textures, went to nXt control panel, and dragged/dropped the materials into the bottom pane in the new Custom folder. Worked very well.

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Thanks for sharing!