Invalid Brep from Revit Room


I am using the point input of “Query Rooms” to find which room an object is located.

During the process, I found some empty returns with placed existing Revit rooms. The object room calculate point is in the room but no rooms are found.

It seems, even the “Query Rooms” node returns a closed brep, but the “Spatial Geometry” will return invalid Brep. Not sure if that affect the query room result and if it can be fixed.

Thank you!

Hi Hali, Can you copy and paste a few of the problematic areas into a example file for testing? Not seeing it in the ones i’m creating. Thanks.

Sure let me try if I can repeat that error in a new file. I will post it tomorrow. Have a good rest of the day!

Also, I found that, for the “Query Rooms”, if there are over lapping room elements in multiple phases, it will only return the later phase and return an “empty” value for other phases.

Hey Japhy, I could not recreate the issue in the new file today. Like every time I put it into a new file, it will work just fine. Basically it is a situation that the Revit room is located in the file I grab room info with, the room boundary objects are in a link. I will try if I can duplicated that situation next week. Have a good weekend!

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Hi Japhy,

Please see the attached file for the replicated of the situation. It is not a 100% replication, because in the original scenario, “Spatial Element Geometry” can read a invalid brep. In this replication, it failed to read any geometry. The workflow is trying to find a room in a linked file and the boundary of the room is from another linked file.

Please use the “MasterModel.rvt” to do the test. I didn’t post the gh file, basically it is only grabbing the linked room then use “Spatial Element Geometry”.

MasterModel.rvt (452 KB)
RoomGeometryTest_LinkedBoundary.rvt (2.5 MB)
RoomGeometryTest_LinkedBoundary_Room.rvt (504 KB)

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Hi @hali,

There is a bug on ‘Query Rooms’ component when used on linked spatial elements that are bounded on another linked document.

Due Revit API limitations ‘Spatial Element Geometry’ and ‘Spatial Element Boundary’ can’t work on this situation.

‘Spatial Element Geometry’ returns an error and ‘Spatial Element Boundary’ an empty list of boundaries.

The fix is available on v1.17 and will be on 1.16.

Got it, thank you Kike