How to get Rough Height and Width for Doors and Windows?


pretty new to Rhino.Inside, but I need to get the Rough Width and Height Value for all windows and doors in a project.

The plan is to intersect them with room volumes and use this to calculate wall finishes by room.(I am also open for other suggestions how to achieve this)

Thank you all

Hi Hristo,

What is determining the RO? do you have that built into your family as a parameter or calculated value?

Doors and Windows know their Room Location if this option is checked in the Revit Family, no need to intersect.

There is also a Room Parameter that you can add to a schedule (slightly different than above)

Hi @Japhy ,

my problem is, I have a lot of linked files and hence geometry, which renders some parameters useless. I managed to find what was I looking for, but now my problem is how to locate said doors and windows so that I could start building geometry in Grasshopper.

One more issue I found, was different links have different coordinates and geometry appears all over the place. I found a video on the Rhino.Inside youtube channel using the Grasshopper Orient Tab but it doesn’t seem to work as well. It might be because I load 3 different types of Categories.

The categories need to come the Linked Document as well…

I think they do. Not the cleanest of ways, but I am still trying to figure out workflows and strategies as well as how to work with Rhino.Inside