How to get Hops without Yak

I was hoping to start using Hops add-in, but our slightly paranoid sysadmins have disabled network access for Rhino. So no access to the Yak package server.

Can I download Hops somewhere?

Hi Menno -

Do you have access to a machine that isn’t restricted? You could download or install Hops on that one and copy it onto the restricted machine.
There’s more information about Yak from here - Rhino - Package Manager Guides

No, I’m only using Rhino on my work machine, which is restricted.

Hoi Menno -

My question wasn’t restricted to using Rhino. On the machine at work, when Rhino is installed, a utility program - yak.exe - is also installed. You can use that on a PC that doesn’t have Rhino installed to get command-line access to the server. The details should be in the guide. I’m just not sure if you have access to a PC that has less restricted access to the internet?

Ah, got it. I’ll try that, should work, the machine has internet access.

Actually it doesn’t work: “Internet access disabled by Rhino”. I have no idea how they did this :woozy_face:

Looks like an HKLM key in the registry