How to get embedded texture images

By opening a 3dm file with texture in Rhino, a folder named _embedded_files is created. I wonder how to get these embedded images by openNurbs c++ sdk? Thank you!

@johnc - is this something you can help with?

Hi @jiangz-a,

The embedded texture files are written to the 3dm file by the RDK plug-in. Currently OpenNurbs does not have access to this information so it’s not possible to get those images by using the OpenNurbs C++ SDK. This may change, however, as we are considering adding access to RDK data from OpenNurbs in a future release.


Thank you very much!

I would like to know if Opennurbs still doesn’t support embedded textures?

Hi @maiken,

I believe we are planning on exposing RDK data in openNURBS 8. For now, you’ll need to be inside of Rhino to access it, either by way of a Rhino plug-in or by running Rhino inside of your application.

– Dale