How to generate PopGeo with minimum distance between points as input?

Hi, I have a surface on which I want to generate random points, and I’ve already done this being able to choose the number of points and the seed.
However I would like to do the same thing but instead of inputting the number of points, I would like to input the minimum distance between points, so that the quantity is generated accordingly.

It’s possible to do it?

Random points (8.4 KB)
Rhino7 file.3dm (854.3 KB)

One (easy but a bit brute force) approach is to generate a much denser distribution than you need, then cull duplicates with the minimum distance as your tolerance and the ‘leave one’ option.

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Thank you, it works pretty well!
If anyone else has other solutions they are welcome.

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There’s various ways to do “quality” rnd pts … but get the simplest (as you asked). Using a Point3dList for prox checks (existed collection VS candidate pt). (20.1 KB)