Generating reinforcement from Meshes

Im currently studying my masters in architecture and decided to learn Rhino and grasshopper for the year! I have a couple of questions and scripts i’d like some help with!

So im using a couple of plugins, Lunchbox, Kangaroo and Karamba for the analysis. I have managed to generate form from a couple of curves, split that form and then generate lattices from that. I then discovered Lunchbox and was able to generate hexagonal structural framework from a surface that was generated by the curves. This was working really well! !

I am now having issues with Meshes and surfaces. As i’m struggling to generate the complicated form i need, i used cinema 4D to create a mesh. However i want to generate structural members that work with this complicated mesh. (Pictures attached) It seems that the script i have to generate the structure and do the structural analysis only works with surfaces, when i have complicated meshes. How can i get around this?

The issue i am having is also how the structure stuff and analysis is based on a surface input instead of a mesh. I have attached the grasshopper script all it takes is 2 vertical curves as input. I just can’t panel a mesh?
Grasshopper Structure (55.8 KB)
Any help would be much appreciated!