Cut Optimization


I need some help to know if it’s possible to do something like this:

I have some space 2D with rectangular holes and I have some wood plates (2m x 1m | X.Y) that i need to optimize the cuts.

I need some literature or sample to start with grasshopper and calculate how many plantes I need and what is the best configurations of plates (cuts) to optimize material.

Like export I need the geometry of cuts (rectangular/square shapes) and dimentions.

Can you help how to start with this?

Best Regards.

What you describe is known as “nesting”.

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You could also take a look at rectangle packing. It’s an involved topic.

There was another plug-in called Pack Rat, but I remember a user recently reporting that it doesn’t work any more. It hasn’t been updated for years and thus has lost compatibility with newer Rhino versions.

Here’s an interesting attempt by @laurent_delrieu to nest different geometries: