Automatic rectangle packing

I’ve posted a couple of somewhat related topics while looking into Grasshopper for interior/furniture design. I’m was recently looking into solutions that allows me to generate dimension lines.

Now I’m wondering if someone knows a way to generate a diagram that can be used to saw a wooden plate in the most optimal way and/or even suggests how many plates one would need to create the cabinet?

Look for nesting solutions. There are few GH solutions posted publicly as well as some plugins in Food4Rhino.

Thanks @rajaa

I’ve Googled a bit and I see there is RhinoNest and OpenNest. It seems that RhinoNest is a commercial product but there is also OpenNest. OpenNest is pointing to which seems to be down atm; not sure if the side has been down for a longer time or if it’s just a coincidence.

What are the popular nesting options?

You should still be able to install OpenNest via the PackageManager.
From Rhino command line type PackageManager, enter OpenNest in the search field, select it and click install.

Thanks so much @DanielPiker. Did you maybe mean PluginManager?

When I search for PluginManager, hit enter and then search for OpenNest I don’t get any results:

No, PackageManager. If you’re on an older version of Rhino the PackageManager might not be available though.

I see OpenNest is also on GitHub GitHub - petrasvestartas/OpenNest
So you could get it from there, or ask @Petras_Vestartas who made it.

If you are a Rhino7 user execute “PackageManager”, Rhino6 user execute “TestPackageManager”

Thanks again @DanielPiker and @603419608 this was a good moment to update from 6 to 7. I’ve installed it and going to look into OpenNest.

I just stumbled upon this site which seems to be perfect. I provides a nice way to cut a piece and gives a cut order. I’m not sure if OpenNest has a similar feature but I’m curious how I could create a list of for each panel with <length, width>?

Yes, bin - packing (for this specific function, you need to update to the latest version from food4rhino, because I did not update it in package manager yet)

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