How to form polylines across LunchBox Panel edges?

Hi All

I have generated a set of diamond panels from Lunch Box and trying to connect polylines across the grid as shown in the attached sketch. I tried to deconstruct the panels and link up the points with list item, but as you can see the data structure isn’t in the order we need (across the grid).

Does anyone know the way to work round this ?
I also tried Bulant but that didnt help or maybe its me who is not familar with its functions?

Thanks so much!

joining panel edges with (8.8 KB)

Try this…Dispatch component decides which group of zig-zags you join…

joining panel edges with (10.2 KB)

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Dear Jakinta

Thank you for the solution, its ingenious and clever! thank you for your expert advice, well learned!

All the best!

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