How to flow on surface in grasshopper?

Hello Everyone!

I am a jeweller and I want to automatize a simple ring to take the size of my clients. I would like that the size is engraved on the ring, like on the picture.

I am very much a beginner in grasshopper therefore any help will be appreciated.

Thank you! :slight_smile: (17.0 KB)

You could use Splop. (17.0 KB)

Hello!:slight_smile: thanks for your answer, unfortunately, I still have rhino 5 and grasshopper 0.9.0076 and splop is not in my old version. :frowning:

Then, get Jackalope plugin fr food4rhino. That has the same feature.

This got a lot messier than I expected. Using SrfMorph, which I believe works in R5? (23.5 KB)

The ‘Angle’ slider allows the engraving to be rotated ±360 degrees so it can cross the seam.

Thank You Kim And Joseph! in the meantime, I upgraded to Rhino 6 (And had to upgrade my Spacemouse software as well) Than you very much for your advice. I think this topic is solved :smiley:

Hi -

FWIW, if you just now upgraded to Rhino 6, you’ve been ripped off. Rhino 7 is out and the upgrade from Rhino 5 should have been to Rhino 7. All this assuming that you have actually paid anything for any of this…