Array Curve: Same Geometry, Multiple Curves


I am trying to array a set of geometries along multiple curves, then use Flow to make it align with the curving walls in a building (they will be apertures).

I’ve managed to make it work with one guide curve:


But I need to make this happen for multiple guide curves for each floor, for many floors. I’m having trouble getting it to array properly when I use multiple guide curves as the input for Curve Array. Cross-Reference doesn’t do the trick.


Here is the definition:
20221126 - (107.5 KB)

It seems like a data structures problem… does anyone know how to get the geometries to array in the same way for multiple guide curves as they do for one?

Thank you very much!

You could use Group, Ungroup.

20221126 - (105.6 KB)

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Thank you again, Hyungsoo!

The Group component works beautifully! For a moment I was worried that it would make the input geometry planar, like so…

But then I just toggled the “Rigid” input to the Flow component, which fixed the problem.

Thank you… you’ve seen me attack this problem in three different ways now, and you always have a solution!