How to flip the match direction of a curve?

We all know the filleting tools are spread out across a frankly silly number of functions with inconsistent options, but I’m very surprised and frustraded that even the basic match tools are the same:

  • Match curve has no flip and no tension
  • Blend curve has flip but no numerical tension
  • Blend surface has tension but no flip (EDIT: flip actually shows up when appropriate, it seems?)



  • Blend curve editing allows the modification of the starting point with no issue
  • There is no explicit edit command for match, and if you try you get this:



Yep, Match is pretty primitive - among others, there is

RH-29606 Match: On curve

My doo-dad, for matching position and tangency only, I’m afraid:

MatchOnCurve.rhp (28.5 KB)


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I encountered this today again…

And unfortunately, I haven’t tried your script this time, because I match with G2 or G3 (which, again, can only be done with a blend curve, not match).

The DIR command and the Flip variant will reverse the direction of a curve.
I don’t know if that will work on a surface edge curve.