Rhino 6.8 bug - Match command

Match command matches wrong end of the curve. Flipping direction of one curve with Dir command does not help. The attached Rhino model file contains two planar curves which are good example of this bug.

Match bug.3dm (255.6 KB)

BlendCrv command may have similar bug, but it also has buttons which flip the curves. Match command should have the same buttons.

Seems to work fine here.


I have tested it many times and I am sure that it does not work on my computer, no matter what I do. The following screenshot illustrates Rhino behavior when I pick wrong end of one of the curves - the match curve has strange kink in its middle.

Please look at the resulting curve more closely.


The left curve has vanished at the end of the Match command.

@Andrew_Nowicki, turn points on before you match. The 3 control points from the left side of the left curve you pick are moved, the other 1 stays in place.