Insert Location in Rhino.Inside

I want to place a family multiple times at different locations. No matter what I do, my X coordinate gets reset to zero, while Z and Y coordinates are correct.

Rhino geometry - beams distributed in X direction

GH insertion script - input location is correct, queried location of placed instances is reset to X=0

Revit geometry - beams stacked at zero

I have found this thread, but I don’t understand the solution.

It’s stated that the geometry should be placed at 0,0,0 when creating the family, which is precisely what I’m doing. I create the family at 0,0,0 and then generate a list of input points (not placing instances at real positions in rhino at all). The instances should be placed in Revit but end up as described.

Can you post your family? I think i’ll need to see more of the particulars in order to provide a proper response.


Hi, this is a rather complex script to create a model of a bridge and I’m using a paid plugin, so it’s not trivial to share. I’ll have to isolate the issue, but it’ll be a couple of days before I find the time. Thanks for the reply, I’ll certainly be in touch.

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Finally got around to it. I have placed the geometry in a ghdata file and created a simple script just for import to Revit (you may need to adjust file path of family template, otherwise it should work). Tested on a vanilla (no template) Revit 2023 project.

RIR.ZIP (1.8 MB)

This is what the result should be, obtained in Rhino analogously to the Revit workflow (get unique geometries at zero and then move all instances to proper global locations)

This is the actual result

As mentioned in my first post, The Y and Z coordinates seem to be correct, but the X coordinate is reduced to zero.

The Family Template you are referencing is a curve based family. Still looking at your definition but that’s the first question/issue.

Oh boy, how silly of me. Thanks a lot.