How to Find Gaps


(Matthewpgordon) #1

I’m doing a bit of 3-D printing and Illustrator work for a presentation. I’m noticing my curves are often not closed. Is there a way I can search for the gaps in a curve? And for 3-D printing, is there a way I can find gaps in a 3-d model before I send it to print? I think I have used a command before that “analyzed” my geometries for gaps but I don’t recall the command. Please hit me back ASAP as I’m so strapped for time.

(Wim Dekeyser) #2

For curves, use SelOpenCrv and CrvStart to find where curves are open.

For polysurfaces, use ShowEdges to analyze naked or non-manifold edges.

(Diego Krause) #3

Also you can use the ZoomNaked command to focus on tiny gaps between polysurfaces

(Pascal Golay) #4

Hello - in V6, ShowEnds should help.



for polysurfaces&meshes a quick dupBorder can be useful too.

there are also commands for selecting open/closed meshes/polysurfaces… selOpenPolysrf, etc.
and in the properties window / Object / type Rhino will state if the selected object is closed or open.