How to Find Gaps

I’m doing a bit of 3-D printing and Illustrator work for a presentation. I’m noticing my curves are often not closed. Is there a way I can search for the gaps in a curve? And for 3-D printing, is there a way I can find gaps in a 3-d model before I send it to print? I think I have used a command before that “analyzed” my geometries for gaps but I don’t recall the command. Please hit me back ASAP as I’m so strapped for time.

For curves, use SelOpenCrv and CrvStart to find where curves are open.

For polysurfaces, use ShowEdges to analyze naked or non-manifold edges.

Also you can use the ZoomNaked command to focus on tiny gaps between polysurfaces

Hello - in V6, ShowEnds should help.


for polysurfaces&meshes a quick dupBorder can be useful too.

there are also commands for selecting open/closed meshes/polysurfaces… selOpenPolysrf, etc.
and in the properties window / Object / type Rhino will state if the selected object is closed or open.

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