Open Curves - show gaps?

Hey All, I’m trying to loft curves, and ran into these issues, that a curve is not closed, many times in the past, and most of the time it’s hard to figure out, whether it’s a bug or it’s just a mini-little gap that is resulting the issue. Is there a way to display not connected portions of curves? Thanks a lot for your advice!

Can’t even extrude curve since it says

Here are these both troublesome curves :wink:

Curve Export.3dm (514.6 KB)

CrvStart and CrvEnd will mark the start and end points of open curves.

Match can be used to close an open curve. You will need to select the curve twice, once near each end.


Hi Hannes - V6/WIP has ShowEnds for this situation. David’s CrvStart etc.marker points will help in V5.



@davidcockey @pascal YAYYY!
Thanks a lot. Yes I have to work in v5 but will soon finally do a full transition!!!

Thanks a lot for giving me a hint.

  • Hannes

Could this be added to the Analyze - Curve menu? I keep forgetting this command because it doesn’t have the word “curve” in it… (guess I should remember “ends”, but turns out I don’t). :slight_smile:

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