Closing Gaps in open curve?

Any suggestions on closing the gaps from my open curve the dots are where the gaps are located from running the command CrvStart.

Have tried extending the curves and no luck plus matching up some curves I am wanting my model to be a closed curve!

Hello - please post a file with the curves - are you trying to make one closed curve from two curves? It is impossible to know from the image, but have a look at the CurveBoolean command.


Thanks for the comment, I am trying to turn my drawing into a closed curve I have attached an image below:

What would you suggest? Where all the points are that’s where the gaps happen to be

Hello - if CurveBoolean is not the answer here, please post the file with the curves. You cannot make what you show into a single closed curve - a closed curve has exactly one seam point, like a circle. A circle with a line through it cannot be a closed curve.


Hello - I am still not 100% sure what the desired result is, but if you are looking for all the closed curve regions, then CurveBoolean will be it. Set ‘CombineRegions’ = No and click AllRegions

But you’ll need to true up the curves before hand - they do not all touch as you might think they do:



Okay hopefully that works will let you know how I get on thanks, and I am looking to close the model as much as possible to turn it into a solid ready for 3d printing

Hello - I’m afraid there is not enough information in those curves to even begin to know what you may have in mind for this as a printable solid … CurveBoolean will make (mostly, the nose is unresolved) separate closed curves that can be exruded into solids, but that is unlikely to be what you are after.


Okay, I think I will do as suggested with the curveBoolean and try and make into a solid as best as possible and go from their thanks again