How to find all occluded Breps

I need to make 2D-Drawings of complex models.
TO lighten the load on the make2D component I want to hide all Breps that are not visible in the current view (occluded).
Is there an efficient way to do this?
I basically need a list of weather a brep is visible from a specific point.
How might this be done ?

Don’t you also need to know the ‘field of view’ or angle of view visible through a lens? And where that camera is located (X, Y, Z) and pointed relative to the geometry?

You want a list of all geometry visible in the Rhino ‘Perspective’ view? If you don’t mind a manual step, you could drag a SELECT rectangle to cover most of the ‘Perspective’ viewport and then get a list of those selected objects via Python or C#?

By the way, you want the word “whether” in this case instead of “weather”.

That is correct. a perspective frame is also needed.
I would like to not need any manual steps as the workflow will still be very slow and manually dragging a window on every model (there are hundreds to be processed) would be very slow.

Hi - do you need to do this in Grasshopper? In Rhino, you have the SelVisible command that possibly could be used to get the objects that you want to use for Make2D.