Select visible


I want to figure out how the SelVisible command works. In rhino Help the video shows Top view but it seems it is not working at CPlane views (3point CPlanes -> Plan) .

Basically I want to use only the visible object for Make2D to reduce the time of the calculation.

I would have to get verification from @GregArden, but I would assume that Make2d already discards the non-visible objects right away during calculations. You won’t get any measurable performance improvement by doing this yourself.

Actually it depends on the type of view. In a perspective view you get only what you see in the viewport. In a parallel projection view, like the default Top Front Right views, Make2d is processed on all selected geometry.

Thanks Greg, So it means it is better to optimize selection. the further question is how can I use Sel Visible command in a custom parallel view that sticks to a CPlane.