2d drawings


Iam trying to create 2d views for bridges using sporph and others components (manual code), and then exploding breps and retrieving edge segments.

I have this model:

My drawing:

My aim is to differentiate between visible and hidden edges so that i give hidden edges a dashed line-type. So i need kind of function where to check if there is any brep faces between the camera (Point/plane) and the edge segment then assign whether its hidden or not.

Any smart way to implement that?

Drawing Rhino -GH - TEST.gh (50.1 KB)
Drawing Rhino -GH - TEST.3dm (8.9 MB)

There is a viewport mode that can do that.
Technical Ultra.
Find it under this thread.
Share your custom viewport modes here - Rhino / Rhino for Windows - McNeel Forum


Thanks for your reply. i downloaded ulta viewport and its working. But the problem is that we need the geometries to be in 2D not 3D since we need export them into dwg autocad also.

Like this?
Drawing Rhino -GH - TEST RWG.gh (56.1 KB)