How to fill lists from panels as rows in a Table like "Data Grid"?


How can I combine more than one list in a Data grid at the same time?

Here I should put each list be as a row in the data grid (table). In my case, I can only fill the first list in this data grid as row, but not the second. So how can I add the second list as a row in this table and so one for next lists?
Here is a screen shot for the problem I mentioned;

Here you can find the grasshopper file for this problem. Please beware that you need to have plug in “Lunch Box” in order to use the Data Grid component. (3.6 KB)

I would be glad to get some help or any suggestions about how I can make table with different list with help other component in grasshopper.

Many thanks in advance.

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Like this?

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yes this way. Thanks a lot dude.

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What is the name of the component, which have D-D symbols as input and output?

Flip Matrix

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is there a way to do the reverse?

input the table and have it spit out separate list with the values with the corresponding index?