Can I make a data-tree with only panel?

Hi,I’m a beginner in Grasshopper and I’m puzzled with list and data-tree.
It’s true that we can use the panel to directly draw a list. But all data is stored in the only one path:{0}
When I need a data tree with complex paths (like {0;0}…{0;1}…{0;2}…, I don’t know how to draw it directly in a panel.I have no other choice but using some components…but the process is complex and annoying.
So I wonder if I can make a data-tree only in one panel without complex process and components?

My English is not good enough.So if I spoke something wrong, forgive me.

a couple of additional options.

Oh thanks,it’s very helpful. But it seems that the Entwine can only make{0}{0}{0}together to be{{0;0}…{0;1}…{0;3}…}But if we try to connect it to the Entwine again, it fails to become a list like {{0;0;0}…{0;2;2}}

Or maybe…it’s not necessary?

Why use Entwine twice?
And you missed the ‘Simplify’ option that @Rickson used on his Entwine output. Not required but it keeps the branch names shorter and simpler.

not sure what is the intent, something like this perhaps?

Oh,get it!

don’t forget the easiest way :wink:
right-click and graft the input/output

Not with a panel but yes with any parameter.


thank you for your suggestions~

Ohh.It looks very nice.