Displaying list of Data in Separate Rows (Visually Separated)

Hi all,
I’m very new to grasshopper (as in today) and I’ve had a look around the forums for help and can’t seem to find much.

I have a list of data that I want to display in rhino over a coordinated grid system, with three values at each grid point (i.e two numbers and a single word - yes or no). I have got to the stage of displaying the data over the grid points (loaded in via manually specified “Num” parameter into the Tag. however they are all pasted in the exact same location (i.e. they overlap) which is very messy (shown in green).

I’d like to show the data in the lists at the same time but separated vertically, as if they were in separate rows so to speak - so you can see all three parts of the list clearly.

Apologies for the very basic question!

Thanks in advance.

you can use a concatenate text component for the 3 values, and in between of them place a Panel containing the key stroke “enter”
this way you will get the 3 strings together

Thanks for your reply inno!

I’m can see how the concatenate would be able to combine my data nicely, but not sure how I will fit this into my tree branch and num, as I’m currently reading in all my data in rows (1-3) specified in my num -> path.

Do you have any recommendations on how to incorporate this efficiently?

I came up with this solution intuitively from what you said - however I feel like this probably isn’t the best for data management!