Split list with two or more columns into one list


I’m currently facing a challenge in Grasshopper: I have a list with four columns and would like to split it into separate lists, each with only one column. The data comes from a database that I’ve imported into Grasshopper for data analysis using Python.

Unfortunately, I can’t split the list using the existing components because the column entries lack indices. Does anyone have a solution? In theory, I could rewrite my Python code, but for data analysis, it’s advantageous to have all the data in Grasshopper first.

Thanks in advance.

I would use something like this:

in the Find input panel for the Replace Text you can put the exact spacer you have between your data

in case you also have leading spaces, I’d go through a Text Trim first:

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perfect! Thanks :slightly_smiling_face:

at the very end you’ll need a flip matrix to get your data tree organized by column :+1:

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