Create surfaces in gaps in Rhino?

I want to fill the gaps on the floor with a surface. I’ve already done it for a few of the “holes” but I was only able to do it for the holes with 4 corners. Because I used the “Surface from 3 or 4 corner points”. Is there a similar command where I can do this for several points? If not, how else can I cover these “holes”.
Thank you.

Hi Amanda,

You can create a single surface which encompasses the area of the floor, extrude it to the same thickness and then BooleanUnion.

Once you’ve done that you can run the MergeAllFaces command to create a single face.

If you’re looking to create surfaces within the holes you can create a surface as I suggested in the first comment and then try BooleanIntersection

Hope that helps.


I did something similar and it worked, thank you :slight_smile:

If they are holes in a solid object, you can try DeleteHole and pick the hole edge(s) to remove it (them). This is the cleanest way. It will not work however if a surface seam edge crosses the hole.