How to extrude this shape (curve) along curve with changing angles?

I have stairs and I do not know how to axtrude the shape I created as a curve, along other curve as a path for it. I tried extrude along curve but the shape does not follow the curve changing angles.

I have placed two shapes for my tests. One has en angle according to curve (path). I do not know what should I do. I cannot find any tutorial about this. All show shapes which are always placed horisontal or diagonal…

Hi Krzysztof1 - Sweep1 may be what you’re looking for.


Thanks. It works for sure, but I have too complicated, not correct, stairs and a reling shape. It doesn`t work good with only one shape, so I copied and placed (with rotation) many of it along the path. It is better, but the stairs are not correct. I can guess it is not an easy job for a carpenter as well :slight_smile:

Downstairs looks perfect, at the and too as you see. The problem is in these twist areas…