Extruding along curve


When trying to extrude a curve along another curve, the curve to be extruded (the first curve selected) gets deformed. It follows the curve selected as the path to flow around but it does not ‘kinda rotate’ the curve while “moving alongside the curv”. It should be normal to the plane selected as the second curv but the first curv is deformed and dragged sideways

I have tried both the extrusion tool and the flow tool but I am currently evaluating Rhino so i guess there are options I do not understand that would accomplish what I want.

I have uploaded a simple model (will try to atleast) where the layer Rim represent the shape I want to extrude. The elipse is the curve I want to use as the path for the extrusion/flow to use

hull3.3dm (30.5 KB)

hi sweep1 is your answer.

Thank you very much. Has followed a couple tutorials but the sweep command I had totally forgotten.
Once again thanks for reminding me.